Monday, May 31, 2010

Mobile phones offer faster check-ins

image: new mobile check-in technology will be trailed in HOLIDAY INN hotels

Are you a devoted traveller, checking in and out of hotels on the run? If you are you would hate the long and detailed process of checking in and out of hotels, especially if you arrive after a 20 hour flight. An article found on by Kate Schneider details the groundbreaking new technology, allowing you to unlock your hotel room with your mobile phone.

Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) are beginning testing on the new technology at two US Holiday Inns in June. This mobile check-in service is already being used by Australian airlines Virgin Blue, Jetstar and Quantas, will allow guests to skip the long haul through counter lines and open the hotel doors with a click of a button on their personal mobile phones. An encrypted and unique audio code is sent to the guest’s phone, where they then hold the speaker up to the door to unlock it.

Personally I believe that this is a great idea, especially for people like avid travellers or businessmen who travel quite frequently. This makes the check in process of hotels and airlines a lot smoother. Because of the fast pace that technology has created for us, we have become accustomed to quick and easy ways of completing everyday tasks, and this is a prime example of how technology is making our everyday lives easier.

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