Monday, May 31, 2010

Blogs: They cater to absolutely everybody

According to blogs ‘are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.’ They can cover a range of subjects about anything from fashion and entertainment to politics and business, giving people small updates about the particular topics they are interested in.

So whether you’re a successful businessman or a stay at home mum, everyone can benefit from blogs, whether it is business orientated or personal. Have you got your own compelling thoughts about today’s society and want to share them with the world? Are you an avid sports fan and want to converse with others about your favourite game? Are you an aspiring fashionista who wants to keep up to date with this seasons fashions? Well blogging may have found the cure for your creativity bug. No need for a journalism degree here, you can let the world know what you’re thinking by the click of a button.

As previously mentioned, blogs can come in all shapes and sizes, relating to an array of different topics. The Caucus is a popular political blog commissioned by the New York Times, which contains content such as video footage and images to correspond with their articles about elections and government. Another popular blog is The Sartorialist, a blog dedicated to the world of fashion. This blog, The Sartorialist, is one of the world’s leading fashion blogs, documenting the world of fashion for the average individual woman or man.

I personally believe that blogging is a great way to reach out to different communities and to different people that are particularly interested in the same things that you are. It is a way that the average person can publish their thoughts for the world to see, creating possibilities that may not be available to them. However, I believe that there is a very distinct line between the average blogger and a real journalist. People have proposed that blogging is the journalism of the future, which I cannot disagree with more. Journalists have university degrees and are trained in the area of media, whereas anyone anywhere could become a published blogger. This is definitely something that needs to be addressed, as the internet is growing more and more popular everyday.

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