Monday, May 24, 2010

Google stops censorship in China

In an article from The Australia Online, published on 23 Mar 2010, Jessica Vascellaro and Loretta Chao reports how infamous search engine Google has ceased internet censorship in China. This issue created much controversy when on January 12 the company said it would stop censoring its search results after it was hit by cyber attack traced to China. Troubled by China’s attempts to limit free speech, Google decided to stop internet censorship.

The company’s official legal officer David Drummond believes that this pursuit is a “sensible decision”, as they want as many people in the world as possible to have access to the services that the Google Company have to offer. With this latest controversy, it has been speculated that an increasing number of countries will venture down the same path, creating censorship in order to do what is best for its people.

In reference to shielding people from harmful or crude websites I believe that internet censorship would be a good decision, as this is helping our society to be a better place. Websites detailing bomb making skills, self harm or other actions that could inflict pain upon others I believe should be taken off of the internet, as you have no idea who will view them and what their intentions are. However, if the censorship would be solely to promote government’s views, thrusting them on the public without them having any say, I believe that in this instance censorship should not be granted.

Vascellaro, Jessica & Chao, Loretta 2010, ‘Google stops censoring in China’, The Australian Online, 23 Mar, viewed 25 May, 2010

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