Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blogs: How do they affect society?

In today’s day and age technology is rapidly changing and adapting to our every day needs more and more effectively. From the very beginning of time people have invented ways to speed up our everyday activities, making our lives much more easy and efficient. From the invention of the wheel ruling out the necessity of walking, to the invention of the telephone replacing writing hand written letters to communicate, society has adapted and changed into the fast paced world that we are accustomed to today. In turn, new occupations and interests have arisen, and with the invention of the internet came the introduction of blogs, a place where the average person can share their ideas and opinions with the world.

In this fast paced society that we have created over the years, people have turned to blogs as a resource for media related news whether it is politics, lifestyle or entertainment for information above other media sources such as television, radio or print. The blog phenomenon evolved from an online diary format, where people would recount simple events of their everyday lives. The blog grew rapidly in popularity in 1999 and the years proceeding, when the dawning of blog host sites were created.

Since blogs have become a vital part of the internet aesthetic, they have the power to persuade audiences and are a vital part in the viewer’s views and opinions on a specified topic. With this kind of power, a blogger has the opportunity to impact major aspects of our lives. This can be foremost topics such as politics, with the possibility of swaying voter’s opinions about particular parties. All in all, a blog can cater to a range of different genres, therefore offering to a variety of different audiences.

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