Sunday, May 23, 2010

Facebook admits 'we make mistakes'

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In an article found on The Australian website entitled ‘We made mistakes on privacy, says Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’ on the 24th of May 2010, it is discovered that Facebook may not be as private as we thought.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg admits that the website has made mistakes due to privacy, after critics slamming the sites recent alliance with other social networking sites. Last month Facebook allowed the partner websites, such as Twitter, to access information, a move that would further expand the social network's existence on the internet. This leads to users wondering where the information they put on the internet site goes, and exactly who can access it.

The announcement comes just a month after the death of Nona Belomesoff, a Sydney teenager murdered by a man believed to be a Facebook friend. The death sparked concerns among the Facebook community, about how their information can be perceived on the internet. This sparked much controversy as the website is compromising the privacy of its 400 million members.

Personally, I believe that there should be more privacy on websites such as Facebook should be more private in reference to the site sharing information with other websites. However, I do also believe that the person is in complete control on what we put on the internet, such as our address, phone numbers, and other personal details that shouldn’t be broadcasted on the internet. This is the mistake that many people, such as Sydney teenager Nona, make. People need to remember that the internet is a public domain, and your private information should always be kept private.

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